Apple of My Eye

What is a writer without the proper tools? Cranky. Cranky, unorganized and unproductive. At least that is what I’ve discovered recently as I struggled with multiple laptops and am still not certain I have one that is fully functioning. When I told my laptop of several years that I was finally going to attempt to finish and publish a book…. it laughed and said “Ha! Not with me you’re not!” and then died. Subsequently, after seeing the sad remains of Laptop Senior, the replacement I purchased last week decided after one day of use that it couldn’t handle the pressure of helping create such an awesome book so it to.. gave up. After much debate, research and trips to the store I am now the owner of  Laptop Junior Jr.

I have to admit that LP Junior Jr. is not quite the model I was going for but I allowed myself to be talked into giving a PC one more chance by the salesman (and my wallet!). I have such respect for the authors who published books before the days of the current technology (I have used a typewriter though!) but at the same time I envy them slightly. While they definitely didn’t have the cheats we have today with our dictionary, thesaurus and spelling/grammar checks at our fingertips, they also didn’t have to worry about battery life, computer crashes, and not enough memory. They could write to their hearts content as long as they had pen, paper and no hand cramps. (Ah..hand cramps…. even using a laptop they’re still a pain… No pun intended.. maybe….)

So to those who may still use pen and paper for more then a grocery list…Kudos to you! (Who am I kidding…my grocery list is on my smart phone…) Should LP the third decide it is also not worthy of the task of writing more then an Error message on a blue screen I shall be making (hopefully) one last trip to the store for a piece of fruit….one that does not grow on trees……


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