Double D’s

Ahh…the big ol’ double d’s….  One day you are happy, typing away and then you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and  there they are… You are shocked that you didn’t notice the changes before now.

You my friend have been afflicted with Double D’s…..

Depression and Denial. (You should be ashamed for where you thought this was going.) Every writer goes through it.(Or so I’ve been told by my over paid research assistant, google) You are in a writing funk but tell yourself it’s fine. You can sit down at any time and finish that chapter or start a new one…..but you keep finding other things to do instead…. things you love….like putting away the laundry or cleaning out your closet. Nothing says denial like organizing your shoes instead of sitting at the keyboard. (I found a pair I thought I lost!)

I think it started when I caught myself comparing writing styles to a book I’m currently reading. I started wondering how long it took to write and how many times the book had been edited. That got me thinking about how many times my book will be edited and where I’m going to find an editor and if they are going to tell me to start over or that I need to take a class before trying to publish a book. The real moment of panic started when someone asked me how many chapters I have finished. My response was more then one but less then finished. I was afraid to tell them how many chapters I have done. How many should I have done at this point?  Did I set to lofty of a goal to try to have my book finished this fall?

I read someone else’s blog today discussing people asking her how many copies of her books she has sold. She said she doesn’t look at it from that stand point. It is just a goal of hers to finish and publish the books.

I would say that I agree with her.  I am so excited to finish this book. Good, bad, or somewhere in the middle, I will at the end be a published author. So, I am going to get off this DD train and just focus on getting this story down on paper.

As far as not stressing about how many copies of the book I will sell, I’m not going to worry. I’m going to be like the other blogger and just focus on finishing the book.

Also, I should be able to guilt sell enough copies to family and friends that I can at least add another pair of shoes to my collection. (All of you Girl Scout cookie pushers, I’m looking at you.)

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