As with any adventure you have to start somewhere… So per the preset design of my webpage, it says I should create a Home Page. As you can see, I caved to the pressure and did as I was told. I did however stand up to them when they told me I also needed an About Page. For the moment I think one combined page will suffice to provide you with information about myself and my website. Don’t worry Mr. Website designer! When I am rich and famous I will have enough interesting information to spread out across two pages.

At the moment I am an *aspiring* author with hopes to not only publish my first book this fall but to perhaps be able to create a series. To be ahead of the game I created this website/blog to reach out to the public for advice, commentary, and to basically have somewhere to document my struggle. At this point the writing is for my benefit and pleasure only but I hope someone else might find some enjoyment in it someday.

For me, reading has always been my road to love and adventure. Who wouldn’t want to have a little extra excitement in their life when your only concern need be you end up with a paper cut or the battery on your eReader conks out on you in the middle of something juicy! Within the pages of a book you can be anyone or anything you want to be and all at the cost of some imagination. (Unless you’re an addict like me and then you go broke purchasing books via your kindle at 2 in the morning. Seriously, I’m waiting for my husband to host an intervention. Haha.)

Although my initial books will beĀ aimed at young adults, my own reading preferences are not as easy to narrow down. One day I might be reading a 1,000 page, award winning novel by a best selling author and the next a 100 page novella about dragons by an author I can’t even find using google. It is always fun to start with an unknown author and follow their career to see where it goes or how the writing style changes and grows.

Reading will always be my drug of choice and I hope to bring others to the dark side starting with this blog! (As in reading after dark, annoying anyone trying to sleep next to you…)

Until then keep the book lights burning and the pages turning!