The start of the struggle

Google- what a lifesaver

Day one of the start of my blog! I feel accomplished already! Just kidding…. I’m a bit stressed out and my wallet is a few dollars lighter. How were books written before the internet?

Like so many others I hope to be a published author some day. One who can spend their days letting the creative juices flow while they gather inspiration sitting by the fire at their peaceful cabin getaway. Until then I have real bills, an 8 to 5 job and a family to keep me distracted from writing.

I have had the idea to write a book for many years but never quite had the means or the know how to go about even starting the process. That is where the wonderful privilege of internet comes in. As a huge fan (and addict) of the amazon kindle and eBooks, I finally pulled the trigger on trying to write and publish my own. While my book is far from finished (hopefully by this fall!) I have set up the necessary programs to attempt to self-publish my book when completed.

This is again where the awesomeness of google came in. Do you know how to adapt a word document so it works for an eReader. How about where to purchase an ISBN? Domain name? Or even the best site to create a blog?  If you answered yes to all of those… well… we can’t be friends. You obviously have a much higher intelligence then I and won’t enjoy my book anyway.   Just kidding… please stick around… and perhaps share some of your knowledge with me!

So day one is in the books. Is it to early to call myself an author? Does blogging count? I am looking forward to sharing this ride, bumps and all, with all of you. Please feel free to give advice or feedback! I hope that one day you can say you knew me before I was an accomplished author.


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