Sounds of Silence

Ah, the blissful sound of silence. A writers dream.How can silence have a sound you ask? Simple. “Hello darkness my old friend”… just kidding that is Simon & Garfunkel’s version….The sound of silence comes sometimes when you don’t expect it. That brief moment (unless you live in a cabin in the woods somewhere) when you are working away at something or thinking about something and you suddenly notice…… the noise is gone….and a feeling of peace comes over you when you realize all you can hear are your own thoughts. Your thoughts become the sound of silence. (Unless you are a parent. If that is the case I have always been told silence means they are up to something.)

I had one of those peaceful moments today. It was so quiet,just a fleeting 60 seconds, but it left me feeling a tiny bit refreshed and gave me a moment to reflect on an idea for the next chapter in my book. For the briefest of moments,I felt like I could just sit and work on my book for hours and not worry about anything else.

A car honked, a door slammed and with it my tiny sliver of writers calm was gone. I knew it wouldn’t last long…. I was after all in a busy parking lot picking up my lunch.

Just a reminder to enjoy your moments of peace when and where you can find them. Even if the other people in the parking lot stare at you! Haha.

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