Chapter Challenges

Today has been a struggle. We all have them. Good days, bad days. Loss of inspiration. Real life complications that get in the way of the time you set aside to write. I have had them all. Personal stress has been my Debbie Downer for the last week or so as far as keeping my mind on track for my book. I still love writing and I am still excited to get this book finished but…. I’m only human.  Today my struggle has been trying to figure out when to end a chapter.

Out of all the issues you could have when trying to finish a book, I would say chapter length is on the list for most people. According to my research assistant Google that is….  I don’t want my chapters to be to short but at the same time I don’t want to drag the story line out just to add a couple of extra pages. So when do you know where to stop? For me I want to try to end each chapter leaving the reader unable to stop reading without finding out what happens next… That is the type of writing that has always kept my attention. That is the style of writing that has cost me countless hours of sleep because I always had to finish the next chapter…then the next….and sometimes the next book in the series…. I’ve said it before but I have always had and will always have a book addiction….

So my struggle today was ending and beginning a new chapter. One of the problems of trying to self-publish is that you are the publisher, editor and your own worst critic. So today… today I finished another chapter in my book….or did I?


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Keep the book lights burning and the pages turning!


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