Cheat Days

My 2017 Writing Resolution is going to be dedication of certain time frames to only working on my book. Hopefully, this will go better then my New Year’s Resolution…… I have some great workout gear and a dusty treadmill…. (Is March to late to start a new resolution?)

How often should you write to finish a book? How many chapters should it include? How many pages per chapter? This is what wears down my motivation. I struggle with just being happy with writing it down. I’m constantly trying to edit as I go. This is why I try to set aside a dedicated amount of time to write.

So far since I have been doing pretty well with my resolution (writing not exercise…remember dusty treadmill…). I have been writing pretty much every day in some form whether it’s my book, blog, or twitter. I did skip yesterday but everyone is allowed a cheat day right?

As far as resolutions go, I have to say this one is my favorite. Although, I would like to work on the other one as well. Does typing burn calories?









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