Blog Building

Hand-cramps, headaches, and an overheated computer…..

Who knew creating a blog would be harder then actually trying to write my book?! Why did no one warn me? Is there a blogging for dummies book out there somewhere? Wait, don’t answer that… I’m afraid there might actually be one….and I would buy it. After spending days finalizing my glorious creation (ok..maybe glorious is a bit of a stretch) I spent hours trying to get my first post to show up. Hours after my husband and dogs were snoring away, I was still working away trying to figure out what I had done wrong. There is nothing quite like the “ah ha!” moment you have when you finally figure out a solution to a problem you have been struggling with. Except for maybe the “oh no!” moment you have when your laptop overheats, from hours of sitting on your crisscrossed legs, right before you can fix the issue…. and the “oh crap!” moment you have when you try to stand up and realize one entire┬áleg has gone to sleep without you.

Hopefully blog #2 goes smoother then blog #1! If not I like a challenge and my next challenge is getting followers. If you read this please follow, like or share! I promise to try to keep you entertained, if not by my writing then by my spelling and grammatical errors!




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