Slippery Slope

Oh the little lies we tell ourselves. Such as, I can have that piece of pie because I’m going to start exercising more or I’m going to get up earlier in the morning and actually fix breakfast before work……  In my case it was ” I’m going to slow down and post something on my blog only once a week so I can focus more on my book”……

I didn’t just fall off the wagon this time, I jumped off, set it on fire and then pushed it off a cliff….

I stopped writing and started reading…. That in itself would be fine as I love to read and it does help me to get past writer’s block sometimes. Then I started getting involved in outdoor summer activities (How dare I!) and the final nail in my writers coffin was when the hard drive in my work computer died and I needed to take my personal computer (with my book on it) to my office to use for work. Ugh.

Now, I am once again trying to get back on track, although I have talked myself into some pretty significant changes in my book so my self-imposed deadline for completion is looking like it will get bumped a bit. The name of the game however is not how quickly you finish a book, just that you finish it. That is still my goal and although I have not been physically  working on my book, I have been mentally writing  and even have some notes on my phone for changes and additions I want to make….so maybe I haven’t veered as far off the path as I think?

Good luck to myself and all of my fellow writers! I hope your struggles make you more determined and I can’t wait to buy some of your books!


As always Thank YOU so much for reading and following me on here and on Twitter (@SmithsBookery). Each follow or like reminds me that I’m not alone with my writing struggles. Much love to all of you!




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