Reading vs Writing


The last couple of months I have been so engrossed in trying to write my own book AND keeping up with all of the recommended social media components for an aspiring author that I forgot something very important……..

I LOVE TO READ!!  The bookshelves in my kindle have been collecting dust! They have also been collecting new books that I had forgotten I pre-purchased before the published date. It has been a bit like Christmas morning looking through the new books and deciding which one I want to read next. Currently, I am reading a book by Sarah J. Maas called A Court of Wings and Ruin. It is the latest in her A Court of Thorns and Roses series. (I would also recommend her Throne of Glass series which I became hooked on a couple of years ago.)

Don’t get me wrong. I have not stopped writing but I am going to make sure I allow by brain a break by getting lost in someone else’s world every few days. I am also going to slow down a bit on the social media side such as possibly only blogging once a week. Twitter isn’t to bad to keep up with but I think I am going to scrap my newly opened Facebook page for a bit. That one takes up a bit to much time to keep up with… One day perhaps I will be famous enough to give up my day job and hire an assistant…… or bribe my niece or nephew with gas money….all teenagers need gas money right?

I have so many books on my reading list currently including some new authors I have discovered on here or twitter that I have debated calling in sick for a couple of days to stay home and read….. Good thing my boss doesn’t read my blog! What books are you currently reading or recommend? I am always open to adding new ones to my list! *Cough. Cough.* I think I’m coming down with a bug……

To those that read or follow my blog, THANK YOU so much! I truly do appreciate every comment, like, or follow either on here or Twitter @SmithsBookery.


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