The Cart before the Horse

Or in the case of a writer it would be the book cover before the book. Is it wrong to already be shopping for a design for the cover of my book when I don’t even have it finished, let alone published…….. I vote no…… Since I will be self-publishing my book I need to make sure everything is ready once I have it finished and edited (and edited some more….). The publishing portion will actually be the quickest part of this whole project so…. I’m doing a little widow shopping to see what fits.

A book cover for me can be just as important as what is inside of the book. I’ve mentioned it before but sometimes, especially with a new author, the cover is what catches my eye and makes me want to give the book a chance. If the cover is exciting or unusual then that makes me think that what is inside has to be similar. Rarely has this proven to not be the case (for me at least). Thus, I may have one or two chapters left to write (Ha! I have way more then that but I’m trying to stay positive!) but for now I am having fun with researching my options. I already have an image in my mind of what I want the cover to look like but I am so excited to find the right creative person to see what they can do with it!  It’s kind of like car shopping….. it’s OK to take the brand spanking new BMW for a test drive even if you know you have more of a pre-owned Toyota budget (and you’re still saving up for your down payment).



For those of you who read or follow my blog and/or twitter (@SmithsBookery) please know that I truly do appreciate each of you! Especially those who comment or contact me! I always try to share the love by following back either on here or twitter and by doing so have met so many interesting people from all around the world! If any of you have any advice regarding my blog today please feel free to comment or send me an email. I would love to hear about your journey creating a book cover!


2 thoughts on “The Cart before the Horse

  1. I admit, unless it is a memoir I am quite guilty of judging a book by its cover. It’s like if I visit a website for a company or doctor I wish to contact, if their website is lacking I assume their business practices are the same.

    I’m sure when self publishing, choosing the right book cover would ease a lot of stress. It may be challenging at first, but when you can hold in your hand something that means so much (aesthetically) it could bring even higher levels of joy.

    Like analyzing the front page of our blogs incessantly, when most of our visitors see our work solely through the Reader. It brings a sense of pride to know the outside is just as good as the inside 🙂

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