Tired Typing

How do you do it? Seriously. All of you dedicated bloggers, tweeters and authors. How do any of us keep up with all of this and not drive ourselves crazy? I am physically and mentally exhausted today but felt like I should probably try to keep myself on track a bit so here it is. I see so many of you posting happy smiling pictures as you work away on your book or blog at the local coffee shop or sitting at your desk  and I think to myself…… Dear Lord, I really hope that is an old photo or that they know how to use Photoshop because if you saw what I look like when I’m writing….. well, I’ll just say you might think I was writing a book on horror.  Hair up, smeared eyeliner from the days makeup that I haven’t washed off yet (don’t worry, I will before I go to bed)  mismatched worn pj’s (shut it, they are comfy and yes I know they have a hole) and probably a blanket tossed over my legs to accommodate one (or more) of the numerous pets that like to use me for a bed while I try to balance my laptop on the arm of my favorite recliner.

Then I see YOU people. Don’t look away. You know who You are. You peppy people sitting there with your fancy coffee and scone, making it all look so easy. You Lie. I work a normal 8-5, M-F job, have a family and animals to take care of (Horses, dogs, cats, sometimes a stray squirrel on the deck) and still need to make sure I leave the house every day looking somewhat like an adult. (I’m not a morning person so sometimes its a struggle…. ok, most of the time.) Sometimes I have the will to write and the story is there, on pause in my head, but I just can’t get my fingers to function on the keyboard. Today was almost one of those days but I figured tired typing was better then no typing. So tonight I  battle to at least blog and tweet and tomorrow I’ll work on my book….that’s the lie I’m telling myself at least. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get myself a fancy coffee…..

Shout out to the creator of spellcheck….. without you this post tonight would not have been possible…..tired typing equals making up words unintentionally.


Thanks so much to those of you who read my posts and take the time to follow me on here or on twitter (@SmithsBookery). There are so many talented writers out there and I enjoy interacting with so many of you via social media!





3 thoughts on “Tired Typing

  1. People tend to only post in two fashions.

    One, they only show the highlights of their life. That Facebook couple who always appears to be travelling the world, with their $5,000 DSLR camera. But would they ever post about their fights? Of course not. People then feel depressed, as they don’t see any highlights in their life or try to compare themselves to the ‘perfect post’. The one that gets all the likes, all the feedback, or the high ratings.

    Two, they only post the worst about themselves. They use social networking to vent every little frustration in their life, but will never do anything about it. Whether they admit it or not, they revel in self pity and want comments that completely agree with whatever they say.

    This of course doesn’t apply to everyone, but as someone without a true social media account besides WP and Goodreads, that’s just what I see from public accounts.

    So to sum up, the perfect scone and coffee in morning light probably took forever to setup. Me? I’m in a dirty robe with a 9 day unshaven face and a green tea mug as big as a basketball.

    Great post!

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  2. I wrote a lot when I was very sick (chronic illness) and I was so tired and it was so hard. At my worst, I couldn’t sit upright at a desk properly. I had to make myself reclined and comfy with cushions on the couch. Sometimes I typed in bed. You do what you got to do.

    (And probably coffee shop typers–confession, now that my illness is not quite to crushing I dream of being a coffee shop typer–have tired icky days too. They just don’t take a picture those days).

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